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Coolant Temperature °C

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Product solutions

  1. RMS for DG
  2. RMS for Vehicle
  3. RMS for other equipment
  4. Industry 4.0 solution
  5. Cloud solution for DG RMS data parameters
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Service Solutions

  1. AMC for DIesel Genset
  2. AMC for UPS
  3. AMC for Stabilizer
  4. Spare Parts for DG,UPS,Stabilizer
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  • Technician support of Field Engineering
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Consulting and Audit Solutions

  1. Value Stream Mapping of the operations process for Lead time and Cash flow improvement
  2. Data Center Power Quality audits with support to reduce the energy bills at bottom line
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  1. North – Delhi ,Manesar,Gurgaon,Noida
  2. West – Pune,Mumbai,Ahmedabad
  3. East – Jamshedpur, within 100kms from Jamshedpur,West Bengal- Kolkata, within 100kms from kolkata
  4. South – Bengaluru,Hyderabad

In process Rest India

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Diesel Generator Services

Plans  5kVA to 3000kVA

  1. Annual Maintenance Contract
  2. Schedule maintenance with an experienced  technician on site. 
  3. B check ,C check periodic maintenance
  4. Genuine spare parts sales and  installations.
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IOT Equipment's and Remote management systems Installations

We support all field engineering installation

  • IOT devices with Stationary and moving equipment’s
  • Fuel Sensors for Stationary and moving assets
  • CCTV and security systems
  • Air Conditioning and Lighting syste
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Data Center Power Quality Audits

As per IEEE standards Harmonics  and Thermo- graphic audit with right Tools and equipment’s 

  • Generator and Controlling System
  • Lubrication System
  • Starting System
  • Air Intake & Exhaust System
  • Coolant System
  • Load Calculation (NFPA110)
  • Transfer Switch
  • Batteries Testing
  • spare parts replacement as per running hours 

We also provide Genset bottom and outside fabricated tanks

  1. Genuine parts for the serviceable
  2. Complete overhauling at our workshop
  3. Expert advise for purchasing of new gensets
  4. Genset manufacturing process improvement consultant need

1.Do SNT services provide field engineering support for my product installations at customers sites?

Ans: Yes ,please upload your SOW (Scope of work)in our service connect section

.Do you install and support CCTV and security maintenance?

Ans: Yes ,please upload your details queries in our service connection section 

3.Do you also work as channel partners with OEMs?

Ans: Yes our 80+ field engineers can support for such agreement with a NdA for project requirements

4.How can we share our confidential technical details ?

Ans: As per standard we suggest to do the mutual Non Disclosure agreement(NDA) with SNT Ventures before sharing the information.

6. Which cities services are available

Ans: Currently our services available in Maharashtra  ,Gujrat ,Karnataka ,Telangana, Goa

Feeder powering the data center

  • Harmonics contents
  • UPS powering the data center
  • Cooling part providing the cooling to the data center
  • What is the power parameters?
  •  Power quality of cooling equipment’s?
  • Thermographic audits
  •  when data centers running on full load
  • What is the thermal imaging on those feeders?
  • Individual PDUs -Powering the respective active components.

  • Indoor air quality -sample taken

  • Battery condition which powering the data center

  • IEEE standard for power parameters

  • Standard cloth number

  • Earthing -Pit label and Bus bar label-as per 

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